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Unlock your potential with your blockchain-based professional profile
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workID, Your Immutable CV
Connect your professional experience, skills and work records in one place. It’s then verified on the blockchain to let everyone know it’s true.
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The Last Resume You’ll Ever Need
workID securely combines your professional experience in a single, universally-accessible profile to maximize your potential. Put your personal data to work for you.
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Your Key to The Future of Payroll
Connect workID with your work schedule to build verified work records. Proof you’ve worked those hours, shift or job so you can get paid instantly with workPAY.
How Does Your workID Work?
workID is your secure, verified professional profile that unlocks a better to work and get paid.
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Sign Up in Seconds
Simply sign up for workID and begin building your professional profile. Even import all your information from LinkedIn.
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Identity Verification
Securely verify your identity through email, phone and social profiles, as well as biometrics such as passport or ID card.
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Connect Your Work Records
Connect your workID to your work records through your employer to verify your hard work and get paid instantly through workPAY.
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Your Professional Data Secured on the Blockchain
  • Full and part-time employment history
  • Position(s) held
  • Records of individual shifts, contracts completed and leave taken
  • Skill validation – e.g. driver’s licenses, languages, vocational courses
  • Peer recommendations
  • Assessments – e.g. personality assessments and intelligence tests
  • Institutions attended – High School, College and University
  • Degrees/diplomas received
  • Courses taken
  • Academic records
  • Payroll Records
  • Time and attendance
Trust Through Integrations
workID connects with decentralized verification platforms like Civic, uPort and Bitnation to securely confirm your identity.
Next, your workID seamlessly and securely integrates with almost any HR and workforce management system to build a professional profile filled with trusted work records.
You can even get a headstart on your profile by importing your data from LinkedIn with our seamless integration feature.
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The Power of workID
On and off the, your workID goes with you.
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When you clock out or finish a task you’ll get paid in minutes, not weeks, with workPAY.
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Unlocked with workID
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workPAY Advance
Get a little cash to cover life’s expenses with workPAY advance, then simply pay us back next paycheck.
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The Amazing Benefit of workID
Your Immutable CV
Your Immutable CV
All your professional records securely stored and verified on the blockchain.
Get Paid Instantly
Get Paid Instantly
Connect with workPAY to get paid for your hard work as soon as the job’s done, not weeks later. With a fraction of the transaction fees.
Improved Credit
Improved Credit
With data that can be trusted, your history unlocks improved and new means of credit.
Cash Advances
Cash Advances
Fast, simplified access to pay advances through workPAY Advance based on your past and forecast work.
Seriously Secure
At, We’re Big On Security
Two Factor Authentication
Two Factor Authentication
Secure Storage and Backups
Secure Storage and Backups
End to End Encryption
End to End Encryption
Strict Internal Access Controls
Strict Internal Access Controls
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