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WATT Token Pricing
Buy your Membership Tokens here for Employees
Capabilities allows individuals to take control of their professional identity withworkIDthe world’s first Immutable CV, as well as unlock better ways to get paid and access capital with Wallet
Membership Tiers
Employee Member - 1 Token
Access workID
Employee Premium (Coming soon)
Unlock additional benefits on the Platform and access to our future Wallet products for Business
Empower your people and bring your business into the 21st century with
With Wallet your employees get paid fairly and can access new forms of capital.
Additional benefits for business coming soon!
Partner or Reseller?
If you’d like to bring to your users, please contact us to for integration, reseller and referral information.
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What is a WATT Token?
WATT Tokens are the native utility tokens for the platform.

WATT Tokens act primarily as membership tokens for You can think of them like a software license key that is good for life!

In addition, transactions made through the ecosystem and the interoperability of its applications will be powered by WATT Tokens, so they also serve as product-use credits for services on
How many WATT Tokens will I need?
Initially, you’ll always need at least 1 token to access
How does membership work using WATT Tokens?
Currently we’ve announced one membership tier — the Employee Member, which requires 1 token, and allows access to our workID product.

In the near future we’ll announce additional Premium Membership for employees that will unlock access to Wallet and other future products, as well as new member tiers forRecruiters, BusinessesandPartners.
What else will WATT Tokens be used for?
In the future will charge fees for certain financial transactions made on parts of our platform like Wallet and WATT Tokens will be used to pay fees connected with these transactions.
How does the WATT Token work with
When you attempt to access member-only sections of we will first check the balance of WATT Tokens in your wallet. If you have sufficient tokens in your possession, you can proceed with the asset transfer. If not, you’ll need to purchase a token before you can continue.
Got more questions? Visit our FAQ Page.
You can view in-depth details about the WATT Tokens on our website

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