- The Blockchain Solution for the Future of Work

The Blockchain Solution for the Future of Work Unlock better ways to get hired, paid, and access capital.

Unifying the Global Workforce

Underlying the world’s Work Economy is a messy web of fragmented providers and untrustworthy, disconnected data sources. A tangle of employment histories and academic records. unifies the work economy by connecting individuals, businesses and educational institutions via decentralized, single-data-point work records.

A New Standard in Verification

In today’s disconnected working world, verifying even the smallest detail relies on cumbersome third-party verification. Using time-stamped transactions, immutably stores and instantly verifies employment and academic histories. With zero reliance on third-parties.


De-fragmented, validated work records form your workID
Your workID unlocks better ways to find work, get paid and access capital.

The Last Resume You’ll Ever Need

WorkID securely combines your complete work and academic histories in a single, universally-accessible profile to maximize your potential. Put your personal data to work for you.

Take Control of Your Past. And Future.

Trusting your work record in the hands of centralized third-parties like LinkedIn strips you of control. WorkID decentralizes control, putting your profile — and employment destiny — back in your hands.

How Does workID Work?

workID combines and authenticates your lifetime of Work Records on the
As your workID grows, so will its use in everyday life.

Instant Immutable CV

Generate a secure QR Code that unlocks your workID to future employers.

Improved Credit

With data that can be trusted, your history unlocks improved and new means of credit.

Rapid Payments

Get paid for your hard work as soon as the job’s done. And with a fraction of the transaction fees.

Simplified Loans

Fast, simplified access to payday loans without stacks of paperwork or red tape.


Stop living paycheck to paycheck.
With workPAY, everyday is payday.

Get Paid On Your Terms

No more waiting weeks to get paid by your employer. With workPAY, the money’s in your bank the moment your work is confirmed on the

Put Your Money To Work Faster

Freedom from payroll cycles lets you take care of life’s expenses faster. And better save and invest your money — including via workLOAN on the

How Does workPAY Work?

workPAY breaks the outdated payroll cycle by moving payments into real-time on the blockchain.

Instant Eligibility

Trusted Work Records on the allow for instant workPAY eligibility checks based on your workCREDIT score, work history and forecast.

Real-Time Payouts

With the power of blockchain, payments are made in real-time with a fraction of the transaction fees. Get immediate access to your hard-earned money.

Seamless Repayments

Funds advanced by workPay can be easily credited back from your bank account. And with employers directly on in the future, payments become even more seamless.

Smart Investing

Choose to invest your workPAY funds with workLOAN to put your money to work faster than any traditional form of investing.


Microloans reimagined through blockchain’s peer-to-peer network.

Making Accessing Capital A Cinch

With a more accurate and trusted real-time credit score, workLOAN provides flexible options to get an advance on your next paycheck. Or get a little extra capital for life’s other needs.

Reinvesting Capital for Bigger Returns

Put your capital to work faster and enjoy higher rates than a traditional savings account. And with lower risk than investing in general markets.

How does workLOAN work?

workLOAN opens new, safer sources of capital on your terms using the verified data of the platform.

Real-Time Credit Scores

Your workCREDIT builds in real-time based on your actions on and off the As your credit increases, so do your loan options on the platform.

Personalized Terms

Need a small advance on your paycheck? A loan for a car? Or do you have a little extra saved ready to invest? You choose the terms you need.

Speedy Blockchain Repayments

Loan repayments are automatically distributed to lenders via the blockchain. Fast, simple and transparent repayments that meet the conditions of the loan.

The Perfect Match-Maker

Our clever proprietary engine matches borrowers with lenders to find the perfect fit. With total respect for the conditions of both sides.


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Executive Summary
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The Team

Happy team is working together
Powered by Over a Decade of Industry Experience
Behind the is over ten years of experience in the global workforce management sector.
We know the work economy, because we’re part of it.
Ivan Petrovic
Founder and CEO
He is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of turning product visions into market realities. Ivan previously founded WorkPuls, a company that focuses on driving productivity and tracking time on various work-related tasks for digital companies with a distributed workforce.
Since its launch in 2015, WorkPuls has received funding from two prominent European VC funds and has established itself as a market leader in employee productivity tracking and is a solution trusted by enterprises globally.
Ivan was an early Bitcoin Enthusiast, Miner, and Developer.
A lot of ICOs are all ideas and no execution. We’re a team of proven product shippers with real revenues, customers, advisors and investors.
We don’t simply talk about product; we bring it to life.
Ryan Fyfe Investor and Board Director
Founder and CEO of, a global leader in employee scheduling software and brings close to 10 years of experience in the workforce management sector. Ryan successfully bootstrapped to initial revenues and has since raised more than $13M to scale Humanity to over 150 staff globally.

Meet more of our team

Sebastian Kipman
Communications Director
Blake Miner
Marketing Director
Nolan Fyfe
Strategy & Investor Relations
Eugene Gamzin
Technical Director
Ruslan Heller
Project Director
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