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Make Every Day Payday puts your earnings in your pocket the moment you clock out, not weeks later. Automated, instant payroll on the blockchain. Why wait to get paid?
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Instant Paychecks Anyway You Work
Hourly, salary, gig, or anywhere in between, makes your earnings instantly available however you work.
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Do the Work
An worker’s hours, shift or attendance is verified through the app.
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Clock Out
Each time they finish work, the earnings become available for instant withdrawal.
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Get Paid
Using their Wallet, workers receive their earnings on the blockchain.
First Payments Made via

Milestone reached

We’ve successfully made the first payments on the platform.

The successful payments – made with TrueUSD – are the first examples of real-time payroll on the blockchain. They demonstrate how, with, a worker can get paid the moment they clock out, instead of waiting weeks to get paid.

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Today, everything’s in real-time and on demand. Except payroll, which is stuck in the Industrial Age. With blockchain technology, we’re creating a faster, more efficient and secure way to pay – and get paid.

  • More financial freedom – you, not your employer, say when you get paid.
  • Better handle life’s expenses – instant earnings mean no more putting off bills and rent.
  • No more footing the bill for overdraft fees, always have money in your account.
  • True decentralization – no banks or third-party processors, fees and delays.
  • Earn cryptocurrency - Supports ETH and ERC20 tokens, including stablecoins like TrueUSD.
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The Protocol for Real-Time Payroll
We’re building a whole new payroll ecosystem on the blockchain. Whether you get paid monthly, bi-weekly or weekly or work full-time, part-time or as a freelancer, it’s a new world where anyone can make the switch to real-time payroll.
The World Works in Real-time. Payroll Should Too!
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Get to Know Us
May, 2018
Our Founders Reveal the Vision
July, 2018
July, 2018 at StartIt Center in Belgrade
WorkChain App Token - WATT Wokchain logo small is powered by the App Token – a true utility token.
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The Power of WATT Tokens:
Employee Membership – To get an instant paycheck, employees only need a single WATT token.
Employer Access – We’ve done away with costly payroll subscription fees. Instead, employers simply stake WATT tokens.
Work Validation – Workforce management systems stake WATT tokens to validate work records. More tokens staked means more power to validate. And more profit earned.
Lending Priority – When funds outstrip demand on the network, priority is given to lenders who stake the most WATT tokens.
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Benefits for Workers
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Freedom From Payroll Cycles
Once you’ve done the work, you decide when payday comes.
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Instant Pay
Get a handle on bills and avoid late fees with instant access to your earnings.
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No Employer Signup Required
Employer not signed up? You can still get paid instantly with a pay advance via our peer-to-peer lending network.
Benefits for Businesses
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Save Time and Money
Automated blockchain-based payroll does away with admin, processing and banking costs.
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Works With Most HR Systems
Connect with your existing HR system to manage payroll more efficiently with no added work.
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More Productive Employees
28% of workers are distracted at work by financial stress. Give them greater financial control and boost productivity.
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Technical Paper
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Research Paper
Using the Blockchain for Degree Validation and Academic Fraud Prevention
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Research Paper
Blockchain-Powered Employee Background Checks
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Research Paper
Disrupting the Payday Loan Industry with Blockchain
Meet Our Core Team
Ryan Fyfe
Ryan Fyfe
Co-Founder & CEO
Ryan Fyfe is the Founder and Former CEO of, a global leader in employee scheduling software and brings close to 10 years of experience in the workforce management sector. Ryan successfully bootstrapped to initial revenues and has since raised more than $13M to scale Humanity to over 150 staff globally.
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4.32/5 (195 reviews)
"Humanity reduces the administrative efforts associated with scheduling and enables us to focus on the more pressing aspects of our jobs"
- CNN News
Ivan Petrovic
Ivan Petrovic
Co-Founder & COO
Ivan Petrovic is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of turning product visions into market realities. Ivan previously founded WorkPuls, a company that focuses on driving productivity and tracking time on various work-related tasks for digital companies with a distributed workforce.
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4.74/5 (38 reviews)
"WorkPuls is the All-in-One application that streamlines day-to-day operations in managing productivity better."
- Noon Dalton
We’re a skillful team of executives, technologists, developers and marketers with decades of experience in the HR and technology worlds.
  • Vladimir Cvejanovic

    Vladimir Cvejanovic

    Chief Technical Officer
    Has spent the past decade leading hundreds of software engineers, helping build four successful software companies along the way as a CTO and entrepreneur.
  • Blake Miner

    Blake Miner

    Marketing Director
    A marketing wizard and founder of successful multiple six-figure ecommerce and e-learning internet startups. Now the marketing brain behind
  • Sebastian Kipman

    Sebastian Kipman

    Communications Director
    An experienced communications pro. He’s worked on multimillion dollar communications campaigns for the past decade that have landed in places like Mashable.
  • Nolan Fyfe

    Nolan Fyfe

    Strategy & Investor Relations
    A successful investor, entrepreneur and founder of multiple startups. A long-time blockchain-believer behind’s top down investment strategy.
  • Ruslan Heller

    Ruslan Heller

    Project Director
    An experienced entrepreneur and co-founder of technology startup Antagosoft. Involved in creating more than 200 small, mid and large-scale tech projects.
  • Blox Fox

    Blox Fox

    Official Mascot
    The company mascot. He spreads the word about company announcements and happenings. The most professional fox you’ll ever meet.
Want to meet the rest of our growing team?
Our Advisors
  • Andrew Spence

    Andrew Spence

    An HR industry leader and advisor. Founder of Glass Bead Consulting, a market-leader in HR vision, strategy and management that works with multinational companies.
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  • David Charron

    David Charron

    Silicon Valley tech executive who’s spent over a decade building software companies that serve millions of people globally.
    Read Full Bio Right blue arrow
  • Stephen Galebach

    Stephen Galebach

    A U.S. based lawyer and Harvard Law graduate with vast corporate and legal experience, including in the US Department of Justice and as IPO Manager for Genuity as it conducted the largest Internet IPO in U.S. history at the time in 2000.
    Read Full Bio Right blue arrow
  • Lewis Gade

    Lewis Gade

    Finance industry expert and Director of Chatham Financial. Specializes in global banking, private equity and FOREX markets.
    Read Full Bio Right blue arrow
  • Martin Lamb

    Martin Lamb

    Investment banker turned cryptocurrency and blockchain authority who connects the two worlds through extensive contacts in both the traditional fiat and crypto industries.
    Read Full Bio Right blue arrow
  • Ivan Bjelajac

    Ivan Bjelajac

    CEO of one of Europe’s leading blockchain solution providers. Seventeen years in the tech scene, including $23m in exits and $600m of blockchain projects.
    Read Full Bio Right blue arrow
  • Malisa Pusonja

    Malisa Pusonja

    Leading blockchain CTO, sought after for blockchain network design, smart contract proof of concept, Dapps and ICO development. A part of the $50m Celsius Network crowdsale.
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  • Nemanja Lazic

    Nemanja Lazic

    Blockchain executive, advisor and board member with 13 years of global business experience as an executive and business development specialist, including at BMW Group.
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    Introducing App Token (WATT), the Native User Token of

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    A Look Inside the Protocol

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